Privacy Policy

In order to become a registered user of there is a limited amount of personal information that you need to provide, but this information will not be sold or shared with third parties. Our goal is to foster a community of people who want to share their knowledge and experience with bonsai. If you don't wish to enter any personal information, you are still free to browse the site and review information entered by other users of the site.

When you become a registered user, we ask for the following types of information:

Personal information (a screen name, email address and an account password) This is used to identify you when you use the site, and to contact you about site-related matters.

Location (your country and zip code) This is used to help you find bonsai care information from climates similar to yours. Also, when you enter information about how you care for a particular species it lets other users know the climate and locale that is the context for your advice.

When you login to we store a cookie, a small file containing a string of characters to your computer. We use the cookie to identify you and automatically log you in when you visit the site. This cookie contains a number that only has meaning to the BonsaiBench site. it does not contain any of your personal information. You may disable cookies, but if you do you will need to log in every time you use

In order for us to find organizations close to you based on your zip code, please sign in or create an account.