Boxwood Growth
Created by Rodney Clemons in Zone 7 on 3/14/2009. Rodney Clemons has been doing bonsai since 1972, and this regimen has 3 users currently using it.
Applicable Species: Kingsville Box (Buxus microphylla Kingsville),

Development Stage: Growth

Styling/Aftercare: after potting-- keep out of wind and do not let completely dry out -- in Summer this is more of an issue

Notes: Style Kingsville to look like old Live Oak or Magnolia or maybe Olive tree

Spring/Summer Care: In Spring-- protect from late freeze if new growth is out. In Summer-- move out of sun and heat

Fall/Winter Care: Fall is great time to lightly prune late, so no growth spurt happens ( new growth will Winter burn). In Winter protect from Hard freeze and wind

Propagation Notes: 100% all sizes. Make flat cut with razor blade. Root in perlite in shade. keep moist

Maximum Top Pruning:

Graph_4 Up to 2/3
Maximum Root Pruning:

Graph_4 1/2
Soil pH:

Graph_3 Neutral pH
Organic Soil Preference:

Graph_1 no organic
Cold Protection:

Graph_5 Protect From Wind
Sun Protection:

Graph_4 Shade on Hottest Days
Water Preference:

Graph_3 Occasionally Dry
Back Budding Ease:

Graph_3 At Pruning Cut
  Jan Mar May Jul Sep Nov
Ph Cold Sun Water
Kingsville Box( Buxus microphylla Kingsville)
by Rodney Clemons in Zone 7
Graph_3 Graph_5 Graph_4 Graph_3
feed 2 2
Fertilize with balanced liquid (Fish Emulsion) from when buds swell thru April
Fish emulsion, seaweed, or any other liquid-based organic fertilizers
feed 1 1 1 1 1
Fertilize with balanced solid (Organic) from May thru October
Any organic Solid
Fertilize with balanced foliar (Inorganic) from thru
As needed to push growth in same months as other feeding
prune prune prune prune   prune prune prune   prune prune prune  
major pruning, from January, thru November
The main point with a Kingsville is "even growth". First Kingsville is a sport, so it will always try to revert. most of the time remove as it shows itself, but if you need to thicken a branch, fatten the trunk or just increase vigor you can leave it on for required time.Don't prune when in soft growth ( April in Atlanta). Even growth means even pruning--if you prune hard, prune hard evenly over whole plant
wiring   prune prune                  
Wire from February thru March. Check after 2 months.
Very difficult. Pruning is much more effective
repot   prune prune   prune prune     prune prune    
Repot starting in February thru October. Repot every 3 to 5 years.
Do not repot during spring growth spurt or Summer rest period or Winter rest period
other other       other other     other     other
Pest Control starting in January, thru December
Appropriate sprays. Only as needed. Thrips, spider mites, leaf miner. Most important is Winter dormant spray--come out of Winter bug free and you are off to a great start
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